When selecting a Commercial-Debt Collections Company, one’s first activity could be to help review prices. Upon having prices, it really is at this point time for you to do a value analysis.

Does the organization:

  • Only send demand letters? Execute sufficient research and receive all available information about the debtor?
  • Have Certified phone collectors?
  • Is partnered with Certified field collectors in the state(s) you have accounts in?
  • Is partnered with Attorneys in the area(s) you do business in?
  • Offer different levels of collection assertiveness, as directed by you?
  • Offer diplomatic arbitration?
  • Provide (collections) accounts receivables management?
  • Handling your collections accounting from beginning to end?
  • Offer complimentary new customer credit-risk analysis?

VALUE = Rate + Percentage of All Debts Collected + References + Licensed


When evaluating a company, Find out what services they offer. Then, measure their services to all you receive with Armstrong, Knight and Associates.

Percentage of All Debts Collected

Ask them to give you (in writing) a percentage of all assigned debts they collect.


Armstrong, Knight & Associates contains the following credentials:

  • Relationship associated with Credit rating and also Assortment Experts
  • Commercial Assortment Company Relationship
  • Commercial Regulation Group associated with America
  • Recovery Administration Relationship
  • Credit rating Research Basis
  • SAS 80 Certified


To be able to legally operate as a Collection Agency, nearly all states require licensing. A debtor can dispute collection efforts on the basis the Agency is not licensed to do business in that state.


  • 33% Increased Assortment Fee as opposed to Market Typical. *
  • Licensed and bonded in each state they do business in (some states don’t require a license).
  • Member of, and following the ethical standards set by both The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) and The Commercial Law League of America (CLLA).
  • SAS70 Type II Certified. This certification ensures the Agency has every internal control mandated by the Certification. SAS is designated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In essence, it’s a representation of the quality of their services.

* Source: Commercial Law League of America, Founded 1895

To further understand the value Armstrong, Knight & Associates offers, please contact us and speak with a New Client Information Representative.