Our Difference

Most Agencies handle Consumer paper as well as commercial. Our agency handles 100% commercial debts. When collecting on consumer accounts the laws are different. The ability to collect a commercial debt of $100,000 is different than collecting on a $12 NSF check from a consumer. You must have resources and expertise to collect the money. We have the experience, the assets and a worldwide network of private investigators and attorneys. We deal with these types of bad accounts on a daily basis, so allow us to free you up to handle the things that are making you money and focus on the future of your business. Put the account in the hands of the professionals and we will get your money collected in as little as one week from the date you place the account. We don’t just write letters and make phone calls. You have already tried that. We actually have the ability to use in-field collectors to go out to the places of business and collect money. Our client base spans market industries such as: Construction, Advertising, Recruiting, Farming, Food Wholesale, Industrial Chemicals, Medical Equipment, and much more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help your company revitalize your Accounts Receivable. We want to get more money back in your pocket quicker so you can take that money and go sell to the customers that are actually going to pay you. Stop having your own internal employees calling on those customers who are not willing to pay. That’s our job.

Our Philosophy

“Today’s money is worth more than tomorrow’s money.” Collect your money as quickly as possible by all means necessary so that you can continue to grow your business. We understand time equals money. Your profit margins and how many times per month you turn your receivables for your cash flow depends on you getting paid what is owed you. How much does it hurt your business when 100% of the money is not paid from a debtor?